Low SSE, High Dynamic Range

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Optical Tunable Laser
with ultra-low SSE.

Optical plug-in modules : Tunable lasers sources, DFB, Power meters, EDFA, Variable attenuators, Tunable filters, Switches...

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In 2018, APEX Technologies helps to reduce the negative impact of climate change by planting trees for every new received order.

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High resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Discover the world highest resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer's models with 5 MHz/40 fm optical bandwidth filter resolution and choose the one corresponding to your need.

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Optical Complex Spectrum Analyzers

An High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer & a 13 THz Bandwidth Optical Modulation Analyzer in a cost effective equipment !

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Characterize the full complex optical field, unlocking phase, intensity and frequency chirp as a function of time, eye diagrams and constellation.


AP268XA series complex spectrm analyzer
    Optical Test Platform

Optical MultiTest Platform

Build your own Optical MultiTest Platform and control a variety of optical modules adapted to your application.
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