Optical Complex Spectrum Analyzer


optical complex spectrum analyzer


Optical Spectrum Analyzer specifications :

From 250GHz to 20 MHz resolution

+/- 3 pm Wavelength accuracy

Close-in dynamic range > 60dB @ +/- 3pm

Optical Modulation Analyzer specifications :

No symbol rate limitation (13 Thz Optical Bandwidth)

No modulation format limitation

PRBS pattern Analysis


This equipment is an ultra high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer and an Optical Modulation Analyzer !

It can measure the intensity and the phase as a function of frequency. The phase and the intensity information can then be used to calculate chirp, phase, alpha parameter or pulse shape as a function of time, further more it can display constellation, intensity eye diagram, phase eye diagram, EVM and BER estimation.

This equipment has no modulation format and symbol rate limitation and is now adapted to PRBS pattern anlysis.


High accuracy optical complex spectrum analyzer PDF Datasheet

Long pattern optical complex spectrum analyzer PDF Datasheet

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