High Resol. Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer


From 250 GHz to 5 MHz resolution

+/-3 pm wavelength accuracy

Close-in dynamic range > 60dB @ +/- 0.4pm

Rectangular shape resolution filters

2 channels, one per polarization axis

Built in tunable laser source

Component transmission analysis


With a 500 times better resolution than the best conventional grating-based OSA, it can clearly show much more spectral information than traditional OSA which are measuring in reality the spectrum envelope and not its real shape.

APEX Technologies OSA has not only the best resolution (5 MHz/0.04 pm), but also the best wavelength accuracy (+/- 3 pm) and the best close-in dynamic range (60 dB @ +/- 0.4 pm from the peak) you can find on the market.


Optical spectrum analyzer PDF Datasheet

Optical spectrum analyzer Application Notes

APEX Technologies PDF Catalog 2014