APEX Technologies and Telecom ParisTech Joint Laboratory

APEX Technologies and Telecom ParisTech Joint Laboratory


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APTE Focus areas include:

  • Joint optical innovative advanced research.
  • Sharing the Academical and the Industrial knowledges.
  • Industrialisation of academical existing projects.



In January 2014, the Telecom ParisTech (graduate engineer school) and APEX Technologies (manufacturer of optical test equipment), formed the APex Techonologies & TElecom ParisTech joint laboratory “APTE”.
This optical research laboratory is based in Telecom Paris Tech (46 Rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, FRANCE) and in APEX Technologies (9 bis rue Angiboust, 91460 MARCOUSSIS, FRANCE).

The objective of this lab consists in fostering shared knowledge and transferring innovating ideas from research to applications.  The joint laboratory will be in charge of research and innovation actions, which will associate effort from both parties.  These will be defined on the basis of the academic scientific knowledge and knowhow and on the experience from the company in developing innovations.

This Laboratory is actually composed of  12 scientists.