High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer AP207x Series


High performance and cost effective solution for Telecommunication applications. The Optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) AP207x Series is equiped with the high resolution of 5 MHz/0.04 pm, 20 MHz/0.16 pm, 100 MHz/0.8 pm, as well as other resolution bandwidth from 140 MHz to 250 GHz. Analysis of optical signal in both polarization axis is possible due to the two polarization channels inside.  The direct access to each channel is available.

Available options:
– the optical output of the built-in Tunable Laser Source (TLS), which could also be used for component analysis (tracking funciton);
– additional grating based OSA for fast sweep, and optical filtered ouput;
– polarimeter


  • Resolution from 250 GHz to 140 MHz, 100 MHz/0.8 pm, 20 MHz/0.16 pm, 5 MHz/0.04 pm;
  • 3 models : C Band / L Band / C&L Band
  • Dynamic range 78 dB
  • Rectangular-shape resolution filters
  • 2 channels, one per polarization axis
  • Built-in tunable laser source
  • Component transmission/reflection analysis
  • Fast sweep OSA (optional)


  • Advanced modulation format analysis
  • Comb generator measurement
  • Laser characterization
  • OSNR measurement
  • OFDM analysis
  • Optical sensor/component characterization

Data Handling

  • USB connectors
  • Ethernet
  • GPIB connector
  • Sensitive screen

Download: Driver Programmation Manual


  AP201x Series AP206x Series AP207x Series
Wavelength measurement range AP2010A : 1526 to 1567 nm
AP2011A : 1526 to 1607 nm
AP2012A : 1567 to 1607 nm
AP2060A : 1526 to 1567 nm
AP2061A : 1526 to 1607 nm
AP2062A : 1567 to 1607 nm
AP2070A : 1526 to 1567 nm
AP2071A : 1526 to 1607 nm
AP2072A : 1567 to 1607 nm
Wavelength span range AP2010A : 170 pm to 41 nm
AP2011A : 170 pm to 81 nm
AP2012A : 170 pm to 40 nm
AP2060A : 170 pm to 41 nm
AP2061A : 170 pm to 81 nm
AP2062A : 170 pm to 40 nm
AP2070A : 170 pm to 41 nm
AP2071A : 170 pm to 81 nm
AP2072A : 170 pm to 40 nm
Wavelength resolution(@ 3 dB) d 20MHz/0.16pm 20MHz/0.16pm
Virtual Resolution Bandwidth
Virtual RBW
Dynamic range a f 78 dB
Close-in dynamic range a f >40 dB @ +/- 1.3 pm    >60 dB @ +/- 8 pm    >70 dB @ +/- 30 pm
Spurious free dynamic d f 50 dB (1)
Sweep time d Between 0.4 nm/s (min) & 1.2 nm/s (max)
Measurement level range a f -68 dBm (monochromatic) to +10 dBm
Absolute level accuracy a h +/- 0.3dB (2)
Level repeatability a b d h +/- 0.2dB
Optical input 1x FC/APC for PM fibre input 1x FC/PC for SM fibre input 1x FC/PC for SM fibre input
2x FC/APC for PM fibre inputs
Internal WL calibrator Yes
Display capabilities
X scale Wavelength in nm or frequency in GHz
Y scale Optical power in mW or dBm

Option Specifications:

  Option 201x-01 Option 206x-01 Option 207x-01
  Tunable Laser Source Specifications
Wavelength range Identical as the wavelength measurement range of the chosen model
Spectrum line width (@ 3 dB) 3 MHz Typical
Output power -8 dBm Typical
SMSR > 50 dBc
ASE < – 50 dBc  over 0.1 nm
RIN -135 dB/Hz
Wavelength stability 1 pm @ 15 min, 2 pm @ 1 h
Power stability 0.07 dB @ 15 min, 0.09 dB @ 1 h
Fiber/connector type PM fibre FC/APC connector SM fibre FC/APC connector
  Optical tracking generator specifications
Dynamic h 55 dB
Resolution h 1 MHz


Option 207x-02
Fast Sweep OSA + Optical filtered output (C Band only)
Wavelength measurement range 1529 nm to 1564 nm
Wavelength resolution (@3dB)d 12.5 GHz/100 pm
Sweep time d 70 nm/s (2 Hz for C Band)
Optical filter insertion loss a d 6 dB
Optical filter RBW (@ 3 dB) 50 GHz
Option 207x-03
Fast Sweep OSA + Optical filtered output + Polarimeter (C Band only)

a) At 1550 nm
b) At 0 dBm
c) After Wavelength calibration
d) Typical
e) Resolution 5 MHz
f) Resolution 20 MHz
g) Resolution 100 MHz
h) Resolution 140 MHz
1) Relative to total signal power
2) Inside spurious free dynamic
Otherwise: possible power offset (mW) < 10-6 x total signal power (mW)



Choose your OSA


AP201X Series
PM Input Cost Effective
AP206X Series
SM Input Cost Effective
AP207X Series
High Performance
AP208X Series
Top of the line
AP268X Series
Complex Analyzer
      High resolution optical spectrum analyzer OSA (down to 5 MHz / 80 fm) in the telecommunication range and AP2080A series High resolution optical complex spectrum analyzer OCSA (down to 5 MHz / 80 fm) in the telecommunication range; Time domain analysis available: Intensity & Phase vs. time, Eye diagram, Constellation, Chirp, BER, Chromatic dispersion, etc.
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Comparaison Table

  AP201x Series AP206x Series AP207x Series AP208x Series AP268x Series
Wavelength Range
O Band       X X
C Band X X X    
L Band X X X    
C + L Band X X X X X
Extended C + L Band       X X
O + C + L Band       X X
Resolution Bandwidth
Resolution Bandwidth 5MHz     X X X
20MHz X X X X X
100MHz     X X X
140MHz   X X X X
Virtual Resolution Bandwidth   X X X X
Input Fibre Type for OSA
SM Input for OSA   X X X X
PM Input for OSA X   X    
Built-in Tunable Laser Source
DFB Laser X X X    
External Cavity Laser       X X
Sweep Speed (Max.)
1.2nm/s X X X    
35nm/s       X X
Complexe Measurement
Complexe analysis (Intensity, phase, chirp vs time); Constellation & Eye diagramme         X
TLS output X X X X X
Tracking Generator X X X X X
Optical filtered output      X X X
Polarimeter     X X X
SM/PM interface X        
5 MHz Resolution instead of 20 MHz   X      
Fast sweep OSA (up to 70 nm/s)     X    
2 additional PM input       X X
Group delay and Chromatic dispersion analysis         X