Optical DFB Laser


DFB Laser

Optical DFB Laser Plug-in modules.

Key Features:

– Selected wavelength according to ITU-T Grid, C-band, L-band and O-band available

– High optical output power up to 20mW for C-band & L-band, up to 16 mW for O-band

– High side mode suppression ratio (SMSR)

– 50GHz spacing available

– Narrow linewidth (down to 1 MHz) available


APEX Technologies’ DFB laser source modules provide 3 series (AP3390A, AP3392A and AP3395A), covering the ITU grid for all C-band, L-band and O-band, respectively. The AP3390 DFB laser source modules, integrated in the AP1000 Multi-test platform offer long-term power and wavelength stability, as well as precise tunability. Wavelengths on different grids (100GHz, 50GHz channels) are available on request. They are ideal tools for high frequency analog transmission in wideband wireless communications and long haul DWDM applications with external intensity modulator.

Connected with the polarization maintaining fiber pigtail, the AP3390A and AP3392A DFB lasers enable to directly connect a modulator without polarization control. The polarization state of output laser beam is maintained to a consistent orientation.






Wavelength range

1530 nm to 1565 nm

1565 nm to 1610 nm

1290 nm to 1330 nm

Spectrum line width @ 3 dB

< 5 MHz

Min. output power

20 mW

16 mW

Wavelength accuracy

+/- 6 pm

Wavelength tenability

2 nm (without mode hopping)

Output power adjustment

> 30 dB

Side Mode Suppression


45 dB  Typ.

Min. optical isolation

30 dB


-138 dB/Hz

-155 dB/Hz

Polarization Extinction


20 dB

Fiber/connector type

Polarization maintaining fiber FC/APC connector

Corning SMF-28 FC/PC connector

Operating temperature

From 20°C to 35°C



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