Optical Tunable Filter

Optical tunable filter

Optical Tunable Filter Plug-in modules.

Key Features:

– Excellent MEMS durability, thermal stability, and repeatability

– Superior optical performance

– Gaussian-shaped pass band

– Pass band optimized for 50 GHz channel spacing

– Customized pass bands and tuning ranges available


APEX Technologies provides the AP3380 series optical tunable filter modules that offer the C+L band tunability and attractive features. By using the MEMS technology, it de-multiplexes the incoming multi-wavelength signal and selects the desired wavelength channel using a tilting MEMS mirror as the tuning mechanism. This Tunable Filter is an ideal component for use in all wavelength selection and monitoring applications, and is particularly well-suited for applications requiring frequent or continuous tuning.

The display menu of the AP3380 optical tunable filter modules allows an overview of any other AP1000 modules. The operational parameters are easily accessed using mnemonic symbols, and simple prompts provide user-friendly operations.





Tuning  Range

1529 to 1564 nm

1575 to 1610 nm

Min IL @ Peak1

< 4.0 dB

Bandwidth @ 3 dB

> 0.15 nm

Bandwidth @ 20 dB

< 0.68 nm

Back Reflection

> 40 dB


< 0.3 dB

Setting Error

< +/- 50 pm

Tuning Resolution

10 pm

Tuning Speed

< 30 ms

Optical Power

< 500 mW


> 1 billion cycles

Operating Temp

-5 to 70 °C

Storage Temp

-40 to 85 °C

Fiber Type

9/125 µm single mode



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