Optical variable attenuator

Optical Variable Attenuator

Optical variable attenuators Modules.

Key Features:

– Single or Double module

– Attenuation range: 30dB

– Minimum insertion loss: < 1dB

– Attenuation step: 0.1 dB

– Active power control to keep output power constant


These are cost effective and high performance optical variable attenuators.  The modules are available as a single variable optical attenuator  or a double variable optical attenuator. They combine 30 dB of maximal attenuation range (per variable attenuator) with a minimum attenuation step (resolution) of 0.1 dB.

The AP3364 Optical Variable Attenuator module could be combined with AP3314 power meter modules in the platform. Thanks to the attenuation settings, the power meters permit an active power control to keep output power constant.

The display menu of the AP3364 optical variable attenuators allows an overview of any other AP1000 modules. The operational parameters are easily accessed using mnemonic symbols, and simple prompts provide user-friendly operations.


Optical variable attenuators intuitive software !

For ease of measurement, the optical variable attenuators software is really intuitive and can be used by novice as well as expert users. The user has the possibility to display and use one or two variable attenuators simultaneously and adjsut the needed attenuation with a 0.1 dB resolution.
The attenuation can also be controlled by a power meter module. By this way, the user can enter a setpoint value, the power meter measurement will then adjust the attenuation of the variable attenuator in order to be at this setpoint value.

Optical Variable Attenuator Software


AP3364A (single variable optical attenuator) & AP3364A-2 (double variable optical attenuator)


1550 nm

Attenuation range

30 dB

Attenuation step size

 0.1 dB

Minimum insertion loss

< 1 dB

Temperature dependence loss

< 0.2 dB

Wavelength dependence loss

< 0.3 dB

Polarization dependence loss

< 0.2 dB

Polarization mode dispersion

< 0.1 ps

Return loss

>45 dB

Response speed

< 100 ms / 3 dB

Attenuation setting repeatability

< 0.1 dB

Attenuation setting backlash

< 0.2 dB

Maximum optical power

300 mW

Operating temperature

-15°C to 35°C



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