Fiber-coupled polarimeter module

Fiber-coupled polarimeter plug-in module


– Four Stockes parameters measurements

– Instantaneous state of polarization (SOP)

– Degree of polarization of input light (DOP)

– Three different displaying modes: Jones graph, Poincaré sphere and Stockes parameters oscilloscope

–  Extinction ratio measurements of polarizers or alignement of PM fiber

–  Very low PER measurement   coming soon!

The A3321A fiber-coupled polarimeter enables real time monitoring of the SOP, DOP, and power of a light signal in fiber.

It can display SOP data information either on a Poincaré sphere, a Jones diagram or on a virtual oscilloscope. Covering the operating wavelength range from 1520 to 1610nm, it offers excellent performance, fast sampling rate, high SOP accuracy, and wide dynamic input optical power range.

Poincaré sphere, Jones graph and Stokes parameters measurements

Poincaré sphere
Measurement of polarization – Poincaré sphere
Jones graph
Measurements of polarization – Jones graph
Stokes parameters and azimut

\longleftarrow Stokes parameter S1, S2, S3 vs. time

\longleftarrow Azimut, Ellipticity vs. time


Optical connectorStandard FC/APC connector
Wavelength range1520nm to 1610nm
Input power range-60 dBm to +10 dBm
Maximun sampling rate1 kS/s
SOP accuracy±0.25° (-30 to + 2 dbm)
<2° (-35 to + 5 dBm)
Measurable SOP statesFull Poincaré sphere
Azimuth accuracy±0.25°(-30 to +2 dBm)
Ellipticity accuracy±0.25°(-30 to +2 dBm)
DOP accuracy±0.5% (35 to + 5 dBm)
Relative power measurements accuracy±0.2% (35 to + 5 dBm)
Absolute power measurements accuracy±0.1% (35 to + 5 dBm)
Environmental conditionsOperating temperature: +5 to +35°C
Storage temperature: -10 to +50°C
Humidity: 20 to 80% RH (no condensation)

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