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Optical amplifier EDFA

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  • Wavelength range: 1528 to 1563 nm or 1568 to 1612 nm New
  • Three series of EDFA modules : Booster / Line / Pre-amplifier
  • Gain flattened version available
  • Input power down to -40 dBm
  • Saturated output power up to 22 dBm
  • Large input power range
  • Low noise figure

Software features:

  • Manual or Automatic control
  • Output and Gain control
  • Scale modes: mW or dBm
  • Easy parameter access
  • Other modules measurement display

EDFA soft

The AP337X Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) modules are designed to meet the need for C-Band testing of active and passive components. These amplifiers provide high power, high reliability, and superior optical performance. This EDFA module is ideal for today’s highly dynamic networks and cost sensitive market. Along with a portable design, AP337X EDFA modules provide stable saturated output power up to 22 dBm and noise figure of less than 5 dB. A gain-flattened version and a pre-amplifier version for a lower input power (-30 dBm), are also available.

The AP337X EDFA module could be combined with AP3314 power meter modules in the platform. Thanks to the amplification settings, the power meters permit an active power control to keep output power constant.

The display menu of the AP337X EDFA module allows an overview of any other AP1000 modules. The operational parameters are easily accessed using mnemonic symbols, and simple prompts provide user-friendly operations.


Apex Tehcnologies EDFA specifications

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